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9 min readJan 9, 2023

Happy New Year ! 💫
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The year 2022 was a tough one for many industries, with the ongoing bear market in the cryptocurrency world and a global economic downturn. Despite these challenges, the gaming industry managed to hold its own and even thrive in some areas. In particular, the rise of esports, virtual reality and the increasing popularity of mobile gaming helped to drive growth in the sector.

As we move into 2023, there is a sense of optimism and excitement about the future of gaming. New technologies such as virtual and augmented reality are beginning to come into their own, and there is a growing trend towards cross-platform play and the integration of gaming with other forms of entertainment. With so many exciting developments on the horizon, it’s clear that 2023 is shaping up to be a positive and exciting year for the gaming industry.

In this article, we highlight the main events we have experienced together for the 2nd year of Revomon.
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Table of contents:

  • From 1.7 to 2.4 game version
  • Revomon is crossplatform
  • The evolution of Play To Earn
  • Revomon Novus, the new catalyst ?
  • Some conferences and podcasts
  • Roadmap 2022 & 2023

🕹 From 1.7 to 2.4

8 game versions were released pushing forward the game optimization and content. Through these versions, new maps, new revomon and new features were released.

Read more in details each changelog:

📲 Revomon is cross platform; VR & Mobile

One of the strongest arguments Revomon has, is to be cross platform with a leading position in the VR industry regarding the collectible monster game category. Indeed, like the Nintendo Switch, you can immerse yourself in the metaverse using virtual reality then continue your in-game journey using the mobile game version. It is a good added value for Revomon, and not many gaming projects offer such services.

Although 2022 has been marked by the mobile release, we have to say we struggled with a bad start at launch. Indeed, at the mobile release event, we lost the majority of players due to lags. A positive aspect is it allows the team to highlight bad performances on the server capacity which lead to a complete refactoring of the network architecture. Now, we can ensure hundreds of players simultaneously in a map without encountering lags and we are happy to see metrics being evolving positively to an average of 120 DAU today.

Read more:

💸 Play to earn < Play and earn < Play and own

In the web3 space, gaming projects have seen a fast evolution in the “earning” concepts due to the lack of sustainability. A fact that hurt a lot of projects and did not spare Revomon through the “Burn To Earn” concept.

Indeed, while we introduced the “play to earn”(P2E) model at the whitepaper release back in April 2021, time and overall experience modeled in game economies. P2E was focused on allowing players to earn an income by participating in the game. With their pyramid scholarship model, Axie Infinity onboarded millions of users, mainly from Tier C countries, who managed earning like employees in large corporations repeating almost the same actions over and over. It was a fresh new model that performed well at start, bringing the attention to play to earn games and allowing players to earn a wage higher than an average income from Tier C countries. As time passed, it has also shown it was not sustainable and resulted in a generalized lack of interest in the products and services offered by Axie Infinity.

Global interest reflected through sales/revenue generated by Axie Infitiny

While the “play and earn” model placed more emphasis on the gaming aspect and allowed players to earn rewards, it still lacked sustainability, mainly due to the inability to generate enough revenue to cover the costs of the earning economy allocated to players. The “play and own” model then shifted the focus to players being able to own and potentially sell the digital assets they obtained while playing the game.

A cross use between “play and earn” and “play and own” models may have been developed as alternatives that could be more financially viable for the games industry.

We believe Revomon is currently in that position. Indeed, the first pillar making Revomon disruptive compared to the competitors in the collectible monster area is the ownership system; each monster caught can be owned by their users. Despite the burn to earn system being game changing for the project (we registered the peak of Daily Active Users during March-April, especially from Turkey, Philippines and Latinam), we had to stop the feature for above mentioned reasons.

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Will the burn to earn be back ?

Short answer: This is still under discussion and highly possible.

Long answer: We established ranking rewards to frame rewards spending correctly (PVP & Podium features). That approach allows the team to correctly frame the spending in a month to cover which is vital for the continuity of a project. The burn to earn feature has just been disabled and hidden from the Dapp, meaning it would be easy to enable it back. If the Burn to Earn comes back, we designed new rewards, way smaller than the original ones, allowing players to still have some rewards while keeping the project viability.The team members will share the new reward model to the community to collect feedback prior to the launch.

Read more about burn to earn and latest state of play here:

🌐 Revomon Novus, the new catalyst ?

Revomon Novus Open-World Artwork

Revomon Novus is a major update to the Revomon project that transforms the entire game into an open-world environment. The update impacts the global ecosystem of Revomon (game + Dapp) and is a game changer.

3 key topics forming the skeleton of Revomon Novus;

▶️ Open world map based on ownership (lands)

▶️ Ecosystem where players become contributors

▶️ Decisional model based on users (DAO)

What are the main differences between now and Novus ?

First difference, thanks to the ownership of digital lands is recorded on the blockchain, it is immutable and cannot be altered or taken away by the game developers. This can provide players with a greater sense of ownership and investment in the game when we talk about digital properties.

Second, because digital lands are valuable assets that can be bought, sold, and traded on the open market, they can serve as a source of income for players. This can create a more dynamic and vibrant economy within the game.

Third, the use of a web3 economy can also create new social and economic interactions within the game, as players can engage in trade and commerce with one another using digital assets. This can add a layer of depth and complexity to the game that cannot be possible in the current semi-open Revomon game world. We already shared an example with a Safari Park owned by a user who will provide a service to the ecosystem; the players can enter it against an entrance fee to catch some exclusive revomon.

Fourth, the ecosystem should be taken as a platform where users, players and contributors are profiles you can choose. There are large existing “fakemon” communities there and there, it’s time to provide a win-win and democratic ecosystem where the creations come from the community members and royalties from successful ones are fairly redistributed. This is where content creators meet DAO and community governance in a more general way.

(the above text has been written by ChatGPT 🤖, however, fort that part, I needed to make it learn before asking again)

When will Revomon Novus be released ?

The launch of Revomon Novus depends on the success of the new fundraise we are preparing to be able to cover the transition cost to meet these objectives. This fundraise is called an ILO (Initial Land Offering) and will be organized through the sale of virtual parcels that will make up the Revomon Novus new open-world. If we manage to gather enough funds to proceed to this open-world update we will do it, if not we will commit to the current version upgrade and optimisation.

The planned date is Q1 2023 to kickstart the project with the first step; whitepaper introduction and the Initial Land Sale (ILO) organization / schedule. However, you know how impactful the bear market is for crypto start-ups. This is why we cannot ensure the hold on these dates and we may already be postponed to June 2023. In all cases, we progress on this topic quite well, one of the current actions while I am writing this article is to prepare the website refactor to an up to date version (and vision).

Some conferences and podcasts

Jordan has also made some attendance and speeches during events.
Find them here;

Wen 2023 roadmap ser ?

The new roadmap will be shared around mid January.
The 2022 roadmap has been fulfilled in hard work and experiences. On average 75% of the milestones have been achieved, it’s a good exercise to check back which ones have not and why.

We know some of you are patiently waiting for the IOS version of the game, this was a key milestone of 2022 but sometimes due to the third party policies we struggle to reach achievements and that’s the case with the AppleStore that is banning crypto apps as they want to apply their taxation models on the revenue streams (30%, even on the blockchain transactions) to maintain their domination and centralisation in the mobile app industry.

One of other milestones we missed delivering during 2022 is the AppLab listing but great news on this topic we are in the process of getting listed. It will grant the simplicity to VR users to download Revomon directly from their Oculus devices. The above examples have one thing in common: third-party policies that frustrate simple processes but that are mandatory to let us enter mass adoption. While these examples are obstacles slowering the target achievements, these are not unattainable goals, they will just take longer to achieve !

Thanks for reading & again, our best wishes for 2023 💫
(prepare yourself for an upcoming metaverse hype 🌌)




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