Revomon — 30th April - BIG UPDATE — Mobile, Marketplace & Lands.

9 min readApr 27, 2022
30th of April 2022 — Save the Date !

April 2022 has been one of the busiest months for the team with everyone working hard on several high quality additions to the Revomon metaverse! In this article, we will talk about the Mobile game release, the Marketplace, give some insights on Lands & provide plenty of sneak peaks 👀!

📲 Revomon Mobile Game (Android)

The first ever cross platforms collectible monster metaverse is arriving. Similar to the Nintendo Switch users can start inside and then take their game with them outside, but for Revomon users can play in a fully immersive VR world inside, then continue with their smartphone outside. A bridge is created between Virtual Reality users and Mobile users to play together on a same server. Revomon Mobile is the next step on our path to mass adoption.

What can you expect ? (Mobile game)

▶️ App available on the PlayStore (Android).

▶️ New approach for the game with Lobbies (more details below).

▶️ Balanced and limited/sustainable reward system for the mobile launch (more details below).

▶️ 1.9 Game version update — Changelog (more details below).

Revomon becomes cross platforms VR & Mobile

▶️Lobbies — Introduction

Lobby architecture is a new system developed to prepare the mass adoption. It’s a way to distribute players in different lobbies to play the game.

To understand the requirement for this, we need a step back and understand the limitation of VR rooms in the most famous games like VR Chat or Rec Room.,Hub%20with%20only%201%20player.

It is common to see limitations in a room as the technology does not support many players at once without lagging.

This is also the case for Rec Room:

▶️Lobbies — Explanation

The first input to keep in mind is that we are able to recognize a virtual reality user from a mobile user. We have setup mobile lobbies & VR lobbies.

The Revomon lobbies will proceed as following:
A map (= route, city, house…) can be multiplied up to 4 for mobile users and up to 2 for VR users.

Each map can host as much as 35 players at once.
Although 35 is a limit, it’s not really the maximum limit. 35 players is the trigger amount to create a new lobby. Actually, each time a map will host 35 players, the 36th player will enter a newly generated lobby.
This process runs until the four maximum lobbies are created (for mobile users) and the two maximum lobbies for VR users.

Let’s take an example with Marquis Island.
This map can handle 35 mobile players. When the map is full (35 players), a new “Marquis Island” is generated (= Lobby 2) and so on, until we have 4x Marquis Island available for mobile players (= Lobby 1,2,3,4).
The 36th mobile player will be distributed among these 4 lobbies.
In a logical way, the 36th player will be in the Lobby 1. The second 36th player, will be the one joining the Lobby 2 and so on.

Lobbies concept illustration

Maximum total players before distribution triggers between lobbies:
2,310 players connected simultaneously.

NB: VR players share the same server with mobile users but will stay on separate lobbies.

NB2: You will be able to join a friend in another lobby if you have him/her in your friend list. However, if you play in VR, you won’t be able to join a mobile user even if you have him/her in your friend list (and vice-versa).

▶️Lobbies — A short term solution

The main goal we all want is better performance. Avoid lagging and connection issues. Lobby system is well understood and appropriate solution for the temporary case..

The team will eventually transition to Multi Server preparation, which requires a refactor the whole server architecture and database interactions: we need to split the users on distinct servers based on the device played.

🎁Balanced and limited reward system (v2)

The play and earn system in Revomon is unique. The Revomon game ecosystem is unique and cannot be compared to any others games as it won’t be relevant due to the mechanics of the revomon spawns and players’ activities.

We only have one goal: creating a sustainable ecosystem for the long run and this requires adjustments, monitoring, forecasts and a lot of consistency to brainstorm new ideas to get close to a “perfect recipe”.

We brainstormed a lot on how to be (more) sustainable and how we could introduce a model that reduces the fear from investors of a huge selling pressure on $REVO. We have great ideas for the mid and long term. However, we need to deploy an immediate solution in the ultra short term = mobile release.

Reward system updated

Update — Rewards V2

New rule: Limitation per day AND per player.

1️⃣ Daily reward limit for all players: $1,000

2️⃣ Each player can burn with a maximum weekly limit;

  • 1x Common burn batch
  • 1x Rare burn batch
  • 1x Legendary
  • 1x Shiny

It means, for the mobile release milestone and for the time to monitor correctly the rewards, each player can earn up to $270 per week (=$1,080 a month).

To proceed in a logical way, we have reviewed the requirements (quantity needed) for the legendary and shiny burn. The common and rare burns do not change !

For the mid-term, we will add a new way to unlock more rewards thanks to quests. It will become more and more your personal journey, highly linked to your in-game progression.

The goal is to have rewards correlated with your achievements:
In addition to the limitation per day and per player, the players can get more rewards if they unlock some quests.

Here is an example;
If you manage to defeat the “Rare NPC” and collect its item, you can use the rare burning 1 extra time per week.

Step by step, the player will get more and more rewards. On our side, we will be able to monitor in a efficient way and find the perfect sustainability between Revomon’s maturity to reward players and create this much desired virtuous circle.

📋Revomon Beta game version 1.9 — CHANGELOG

This new game version is mainly focused on mobile version development, VR optimisation and in-game items fixing.

▶️ Ninesee has been returned to the three-dimensional gap

This is the end ! Hope you enjoyed this collaboration with the exclusive Ninesee MetaMon event. Ninesee won’t spawn anymore in game.
However, you will still get a chance to get one in the Eggomon 🥚

▶️ Spawn rates modification for mobile users
Spawn rates in the mobile lobbies will be actively monitored and adjusted as required. The spawns of all the uncommon revomon comes with 30% more difficulty in the mobile lobbies, with no change in difficulty for VR users.

▶️ 3 new settings “Performance”
You will find this new section in the settings with the following options to optimize the game:

  • Enable/Disable the players’ shadows (higher immersion for players who have a powerful device).
  • Enable/Disable the visibility of trainers’ revomon and any revomon they are currently in battle with.
  • Settings “auto-saved” when a player disconnect.

▶️ Portal connection: “Show password” option added.

▶️ Notification system upgrade: A player is notified when a wild rare/legendary/shiny has a spawn locked to them.

🧠 AI improvement: An NPC can now replace one of its monsters at any time during the fight. Be prepared!

▶️ Notification system upgrade:

▶️ Bugs fixings:

  • Left/Right handed setting is now fixed.
  • Shiny reingifir/spectreat cosmetic hat is now fixed.
  • Move ‘Hidden Power’ now display the type used.
  • Revomon holding some berries during a battle could cause the battle to softlock. it’s now fixed.
  • “Move priority items” now working (Cozi Fruity).
  • Move “Belly Drum” is now fixed.
  • Move “Hyper Beam” visual glitch, which displayed the move animation 2 rounds in a row is now fixed.
  • Move with semi-vulnerable effect (Dig, Bounce, etc) fixed.

🛒Revomon Marketplace

It’s coming for mid May ! The marketplace on the Dapp, bringing more uses to the $REVO tokens and granting great bonuses to tiers holders: a win-win.

Read more about the tier system:

Marketplace fees:

0% for Master // 1.5% Elite // 2% Veteran / 2,5% Ranger / 3% Tamer // Trainee 3,5% // No tier = 4%

Revomon marketplace will gather the basic features of a NFT marketplace for the V0.
You may know that some projects dedicate their whole team to a marketplace right ? It’s like a sub-project to manage, but with the size of a big project.

Not easy for us but we love the challenges. Pierre Maclot (who we have introduced earlier) is managing very well this part with two devs (Antoine & Fabrice).

We cannot leave you without a sneak peak 👀

Landing page of the future revomon marketplace


Land concept is definitely a key topic in the revomon roadmap development. We won’t hide you we have facing delays on the Lands and won’t be able to share a lightpaper before June 2022.

The whole team has an eye for detail and we really want to present something viable that brings a real advantage to the current game. That’s why we’re going to spend more time on this once the mobile version is launched.

However, we have progressed on the land content and what we can share today is that the LANDS will change EVERYTHING 💥

1. An open world 👀

Revomon new metaverse sneak peak

A lot of users do not realise when we communicate on lands, it means, refactoring the whole game map to make it Open-World.

2. Landlords (parcel owners)

Each owner of a land will be able to create, configure and interact with the revomon metaverse. It defines the relationships between the owner of a land and the player. Expect exclusive and limited parcels that can offer a wide range of services to players: Safari Parks, Arenas, Clinics, Shops, Revomon Daycare…

NB: We will explain on due time, keep in mind this new fundraise through the Lands will also support the team the prepare Revomon’s future: Strengthening a leader position in the “Collectible Monster Metaverse” category.
While a lot of projects are popping and promising X or Y, Revomon is here, in continuous development and gathers 10,000 unique monthly virtual reality players.

More info on the ILO ( Initial Land Offering) in May-June for a first sale in July 2022. Depending on your tier, you will benefit from whitelists and others advantages. Stay tuned !

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain, leader in its game category.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance