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5 min readJan 23, 2022

(updated 27/06/2022)
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We have some really exciting plans in our 2022 Roadmap with new Play to Earn features (particularly around Land and Mobile Game👀).

Let’s jump in and give an overview of the first new P2E feature for 2022: Burn to Earn.

Revomon NFT Sink
NFTs are an important method of rewarding players but we will also now start to distribute some of the P2E pool tokens available. A total of 11M $REVO (11% of total supply) was reserved for this feature and these will be slowly released over the next 5–7 years as we build the game community.

Our first Revomon sink is Burn to Earn, allowing you to burn NFTs for $REVO.

🔥Burning feature specs

The initial reward levels have been set based on several factors. Our aim is to introduce a feature that:

  1. Rewards players.
  2. Burns a portion of new NFT supply (deflationary mechanic).
  3. Experiments with establishing floor prices per tier for Revomon NFTs.
  4. Batch minting availability to mint several revomon at once.

All the rates below are initial and will be subject to iteration as required to meet the above aims.

Requirements to use the feature:

  1. Own a R3V-UP.
  2. Burning can only be used for the same Revomon rarities (i.e. only normal / rare / legend / shinies). In other words, you cannot mix rarities and burn them.
  3. Common & Rare require the same Revomon to be burnt while Legendary & Shiny can be mixed to meet the amount required to enable the burn feature.
  4. Each burn rarity can be used 1x per week. This limit increases based on your current tier, discover more here about the tier system; (

💸Rarity Rewards Rates

We have proceeded to a first price update during March, aiming to balance the rewards to make the burning feature sustainable (01/06/2022):

Burning rewards per
Exact same Revomon. Can include different stats, natures & abilities.
Exact same Revomon. Can include different stats, natures & abilities.

Ban List🚫

Ban List introduced to avoid account generation & starter selection loop.
This ban list is applying to the V0 “Burn To Earn feature”. Later on, we will adapt the feature to include the NFTs starters.

💫A sustainable Ecosystem — Read more👇

📍Revomon NFTs — True Ownership

Players of our VR game can catch Revomon and turn them into NFTs that they truly own. These are tradable on Refinable and we have already seen some incredible figures with > 790 BNB (~$300k) traded and continuous increases in the number of holders:

Metrics from Revomon Collection on Refinable Marketplace (screenshot 23rd Jan 2022)

Alongside this, we continue to increase our VR game’s DAU (Daily Active User) figures and are now registering up to 400 unique connections a day.

📍Building a sustainable ecosystem

Revomon is all about building a balanced and sustainable long term ecosystem.. We can see as we look across the broader Play to Earn ecosystem that there is no perfect recipe yet to set up a balance between token/NFT creation in game and burn/utilisation.. Revomon is at the forefront of the NFT gaming revolution and therefore calibration is required to provide the best experiences for all Revomon participants. The rates in this article should therefore be considered as ‘initial’ and may be adjusted in the future.

We have significant plans as the Revomon metaverse expands and becomes accessible on other platforms, including mobile. For today, let’s have a look at the current eco-system set up and how we are aiming for both sustainability and gaming rewards:

  1. Start
    At the outset there are two key elements to our Play to Earn sytem:
    NFTs as reward and P2E pool allocation set to 11% of total token supply (i.e. 11,000,000 $REVO available).
  2. Inputs
    🔽 R3V-UP; this NFT is required to enable the minting feature to turn your Revomon caught in game into NFTs and trade them.
    (Concept: opt into crypto aspect and invest to start earning).
    🔽Minting fees; we collect $1 per mint. Fees are not refunded when you use the NFT burning feature.
    🔽Eggomon; we collect the $REVO farmed in each egg.
    🔽Booster pack; we collect the $REVO used for the purchase.
    🔽Seasonal Limited NFTs; we collect the $BNB from the sales (used to buy back $REVO on the spot market).
  3. Outputs
    🔼R3V-UP holders; % rewards to all holders.
    🔼Burning feature; New source of income.
    🔼Story progression rewards; Quests & Achievements to unlock.

All these inputs and outputs allow the project to forecast how the play to earn ecosystem will be fed and distributed among the game activity.

Global overview Inputs/Outputs of the Revomon Ecosystem

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance