Revomon — Burn🔥to Earn💸

🔥Burning feature specs

  1. Rewards players.
  2. Burns a portion of new NFT supply (deflationary mechanic).
  3. Experiments with establishing floor prices per tier for Revomon NFTs.
  4. Batch minting availability to mint several revomon at once.
  1. Own a R3V-UP.
  2. Burning can only be used for the same Revomon rarities (i.e. only normal / rare / legend / shinies). In other words, you cannot mix rarities and burn them.
  3. Common & Rare require the same Revomon to be burnt while Legendary & Shiny can be mixed to meet the amount required to enable the burn feature.
  4. Each burn rarity can be used 1x per week. This limit increases based on your current tier, discover more here about the tier system; (

💸Rarity Rewards Rates

Burning rewards per
Exact same Revomon. Can include different stats, natures & abilities.
Exact same Revomon. Can include different stats, natures & abilities.

Ban List🚫

💫A sustainable Ecosystem — Read more👇

📍Revomon NFTs — True Ownership

Metrics from Revomon Collection on Refinable Marketplace (screenshot 23rd Jan 2022)

📍Building a sustainable ecosystem

  1. Start
    At the outset there are two key elements to our Play to Earn sytem:
    NFTs as reward and P2E pool allocation set to 11% of total token supply (i.e. 11,000,000 $REVO available).
  2. Inputs
    🔽 R3V-UP; this NFT is required to enable the minting feature to turn your Revomon caught in game into NFTs and trade them.
    (Concept: opt into crypto aspect and invest to start earning).
    🔽Minting fees; we collect $1 per mint. Fees are not refunded when you use the NFT burning feature.
    🔽Eggomon; we collect the $REVO farmed in each egg.
    🔽Booster pack; we collect the $REVO used for the purchase.
    🔽Seasonal Limited NFTs; we collect the $BNB from the sales (used to buy back $REVO on the spot market).
  3. Outputs
    🔼R3V-UP holders; % rewards to all holders.
    🔼Burning feature; New source of income.
    🔼Story progression rewards; Quests & Achievements to unlock.
Global overview Inputs/Outputs of the Revomon Ecosystem



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Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance