Revomon — Tiers system introduction

🌌Tiers system

💫Tiers levels

  1. Trainee — 1000 $REVO
  2. Tamer — 2500 $REVO
  3. Ranger — 5000 $REVO
  4. Veteran — 10000 $REVO
  5. Elite — 25000 $REVO
  6. Master— 100000 $REVO

✨Tiers rewards

  • Burn To Earn, considered as the first “play and earn” feature in the revomon project, it allows players to burn their caught revomon (turned into NFT) against rewards depending on the tier a user belongs to.
    Read more here;
  • Airdrop slot priority, the tiers unlocking this reward will get priority weighting in the random selection of winners.
  • Land NFTs buy priority, eligible tiers will receive a whitelist slot to buy & mint a land NFT when available. You are part of one of these tiers ? Then, you are ready to embrace in priority the new open-world project.
  • Monthly NFT airdrop, we airdrop 1 exclusive & collector NFT each month to all eligible tiers holders.
  • Booster packs, the legendary and cosmetic booster packs are only available to purchase for the Veteran, Elite & Master tiers.
  • 1x Land airdrop, we are rewarding our top supporters (Master tier) by turning them into Land Lords for the LANDS concept introduction
  • Revo marketplace fees, each time you are trading an NFT on the Revomon Dapp, we are taking a small tax depending on your tier. This is to feed the P2E rewards and make the ecosystem sustainable and virtuous. The higher tier you are, the lower will be the fee, hitting 0% for Master tier.
  • DAO voting (upcoming) grants access to the governance system, 1st tier hodlers will be able to vote: 1 $REVO = 1 VOTE
  • DAO requests (upcoming)
    - lvl 1: You can request specific design accessories
    - lvl 2: You can request specific avatar/character design
    - lvl 3: You can request specific revomon design

💎Diamond Hands NFT

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