Introducing R3V-UP

3 min readNov 13, 2021


🤖 We are thrilled to introduce the mechanical dog, the loyal machine helping his trainer to collect revomon: R3V-UP!


R3V-UP is the first artificial Revomon created by humans. Therefore, it is not catchable within the Revomon metaverse the same way as other organic species.

In the 1.5 game version release coming at the end of the month, R3V-UP becomes a mandatory companion needed by the player in order to enable the NFT feature. This process has been designed to feed the ecosystem in order to introduce many upcoming features revolving around the play to earn concept.

This cute mechanical dog will have a virtuous impact on the global ecosystem metaverse: it becomes the key to access one of the play to earn features linked to the NFT minting. The income generated by the R3V-UP sales will be partially (Still to be defined):

  • Reinjected in the play to earn allocation.
  • Redistributed to the R3V-UP holders.
  • Burnt.

NB: DAO has been rescheduled to priorise in game-content & major pillars linked to the project. However, the decisions related to the turnover generated by R3V-UP will be under the direction of the community as soon as the voting process is implemented.

🤖Here are the key points to know about R3V-UP:

  1. R3V-UP will only be purchasable from the Dapp starting from the 1st December:
    ▶️ (Under marketplace section)
    ▶️Fixed price: $50 in $REVO.
    ▶️Unlimited NFT, you can own as many as you want.
  2. R3V-UP will be usable in your team in game. It will not evolve as it is man-made.
  3. Starting from the 1.5 game version release, unless a player owns a R3V-UP, the minting function will be unavailable to them. (Players can own it either in his BSC wallet or in his party in game). Owning your R3V-UP in your Revo PC is fine, you do not need to have it in your party.
  4. Whenever a user buys a R3V-UP they have 1/8192 odds to get a shiny one
  5. R3V-UP will play a key role in an upcoming new concept arriving soon: Breeding (early 2022).
  6. Beyond 1.5 R3V-UP will gain access to a unique ability that will be beneficial to a player’s team within the Revomon metaverse.

R3V-UP becomes the gateway to benefit from the NFT feature!

NB: We are also brainstorming about lending & borrowing possibilities around R3V-UP!

R3V-UP rare on the left / R3V-UP shiny on the right

🥚 Next article will detail the eggomon: a new “play to earn” feature arriving on desktop!

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Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance