Revomon — 31st Oct. Major Update!

Last month, we released the 1.3 version of the game which included the first of our core pillars: the NFTs. Which has been a success! According to our data, we can count over 1000 NFTs minted by the users since the functionality was deployed !

Other exciting news is the partnership with Refinable which provides a safe place to trade NFTs for our community in addition to getting wider visibility to the NFT community since their marketplace is one of the most famous operating on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Last but not least, the team participated in several summits in Dubai and met many people. Great connections have been made and we are looking forward to potentially having a new investment round to support our mobile version development. Indeed, we need two developers, a UX designer and a project manager to release a good quality version of the current game. These actions take time, we will update when we have more inputs. In the meantime, you can read this article explaining the legal structure of revomon called Revomon DMCC:

🎃#Halloween event, Limited NFT Spectreat & planned airdrop.

▶️On the 30th, we proceeded to take a snapshot to record the eligible members who will receive the #NFT airdrop; the Haunted Helmet.

Eligible members👇

+Refinable gleam competition winners: (awaiting their BSC addresses, the airdrop will take place tomorrow, 1st Nov).

▶️The airdrop has been processed, the Haunted Helmet has been transferred to the eligible members.

▶️Regarding Spectreat, we plan to list them on Refinable, gradually, at 8pm UTC time. (NB it is a manual listing, you ll need to refresh the collection page).

  • 🌟10x limited shiny Spectreat at 1 BNB🌟
  • 90x limited normal Spectreat at 0.1 BNB


▶️New pools launch on the 31st 7:00pm UTC, ALL running on BSC.

  • 2x 6 month pools will launch for an allocation of 200,000 $REVO for each.
  • 1x 3 month pool will launch for an allocation of 100,000 $REVO.

▶️Staking bonuses are not longer enabled. Now, all holders benefit from a 80–110–150% depending on the pools.

▶️No more minimum amount is required to stake in the pools however, holders have to belong to a tier.
It means; a user willing to enter a staking pool can stake 10 $REVO but has to hold at least 1000 $REVO (=1st tier, trainee)
As reminder, here is the tier system:

tier system

📋Revomon Alpha game version 1.4 — CHANGELOG

▶️23 new revomon + 1 wearable.

NB: The robot line is not accessible in game, more information soon.

Dregg |type: draconic

Wyvegg |type: draconic

Craggon |type: sky-draconic

Koigup |type: water

Koigar |type: water

Slisces |type: water-metal

Tipply |type: water

Hassurugu |type: water

Masakaridon |type: water-battle

Somnap |type: spirit

Soarnap |type: sky-spirit

Soarnox |type: sky-spirit

Spectreat |type: phantom-fire

Mummole|type: earth-phantom

Ghopher|type: earth-phantom

Dexuno|type: metal

Dexdeux|type: metal-time

Dexdrei|type: metal-time

Dexfyre|type: metal-time

Monking|type: earth-sky

▶️1 new city.

Ramboo Metropolis

▶️1 new route.

New NPCs will welcome you, the average revomon lvl they own is approximatively 35.
Are you ready to defeat them?

Route 3

▶️Smooth transition when a player teleports, change map or interect with a portal. UX increased.

▶️Modification of the Spawn Locker system, to avoid having too many Revomon assigned to a single player.

▶️Attempt to limit the movement speed of the players.(patch can evolve, waiting players’feedback).

Some players using the PCVR version the game had access to a built-in sprint feature with their hardware. As this was deemed to be an unfair advantage to those playing on other devices we are removing their ability to sprint.

▶️ Mobile development (proof of concept) ongoing.

Some screenshots…

Update your game version now! (Uninstall-Reinstall the game through SideQuest).

🌈DAPP — Changelog

What’s new ?

We have proceeded to add several optimisations and features to improve the UX on the Revomon Dapp:

New welcome page / Overview

▶️ Body-outfit images.

▶️Staking/Farming migration to the V2 of the Dapp.

▶️ Splash screen message.

▶️ Wallet bugs fixed.

  • Unsupported network whenever a user refreshes the page.
  • Fetch user on account changes, even if already connected.

▶️Scroll to top when pagination has changed.

▶️Users can now unlink their wallets from their accounts.

▶️Can keep pagination & search state of NFTs page by using breadcrumbs.

▶️Price chart card & $REVO metrics overview in real time.

▶️Ended staking Pools will now be listed in the “finished pools” section.

▶️Refinable message

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance

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Revomon VR

Revomon VR

Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance

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