The democratisation of virtual reality, a major force for Revomon

5 min readMay 9, 2022


Virtual reality has been around for some time now, but has long remained a mystery to many people, even to the most ardent gamers. Its exponential democratization over the last 2 years is nevertheless noticeable and is proving to be a boon for game developers, including the Revomon project.

Flashback on the advent of VR

The VR sensation was born in 2012, thanks to the Oculus Rift project initiated by VR headset creator Palmer Luckey. After raising funds and a dazzling success in the gaming sphere, it was almost natural that Facebook Inc. decided to buy Oculus for a not insignificant value of 2 billion dollars in 2014: the beginning of a competitive boom in the virtual reality market.

Indeed, the Oculus very quickly showed its potential to the general public, with HD graphics, unparalleled real-time motion tracking and interactive features allowing users to enter fully immersive worlds and games. An opportunity that has certainly not escaped the tech giants, each wanting to grab a piece of the pie. Sony, Nintendo, Samsung & even Microsoft have not hesitated to develop the VR side to catch up with the giant Oculus.

Ever-increasing numbers

The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently transformed the way we interact socially and digitally, while containment has highlighted the potential of virtual reality and its cousin augmented reality for companies or industries immobilised by the health crisis.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has consistently highlighted the value of this technology, seeing it as a great relationship-building tool, as it allows for the virtual to be understood while augmenting the real world.

Although still in its infancy, the VR industry has grown significantly and with several studios recently revealing new funding rounds, it will receive significant investment. PwC recently published its Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2021–2025 report which predicts that virtual reality will continue to grow and will grow much more than any other media sector over the next 3 years. Video games will remain the driving force in terms of revenue. But PwC also expects to see growth in VR video.

Merging virtual reality and the metaverse, a matrix.

A quick reminder: The Metaverse is a set of virtual spaces that you can create and explore with people who are not physically in the same place as you, but it is not a social network. While there may be some confusion with the name change from Facebook Inc to Meta Inc, it is important to be able to differentiate between what you consider to be a social network and a metaverse.

Let’s clarify: the Metaverse is the Internet + Virtual Reality, two pre-existing technologies that come together to form a new form of reality. In this case, a world that stands between the real and the virtual. The VR headset transports the user into a different visual universe, and even when you look away you will still be although physically in reality, transported by your senses into a parallel universe.

As with Revomon, many online games are already developing their immersive version, where the player embodies his 3D avatar with a VR headset, and sees everything through his eyes. But it is also important to note that this is not limited to gaming, and that giants such as BMW offer VR tours of their showrooms, so no matter where you are in the world you can access the headquarters for a visit in real time.

Actually, Metaverse is the Internet freed from its ultimate frontier: the screen.

Virtual reality, the future of interaction

During the pandemic, and in its aftermath, we noticed something that really made a difference in the case of Revomon: the creation of a community through social interaction in the game.

Indeed, like games like WoW, the functionality of microphones was a major asset for Revomon. The player, totally immersed in Revoworld, could communicate with other users and made it a habit. In a meeting, a safe-place or to find people with whom they used to play and to create links. This is a very important concept for the game, which has seen its community grow and gradually bond in this parallel universe in which they can also, let’s not forget, invest time and money, but also earn some thanks to the token, the Revo & the NFTs.

A winning bet at the right time for Revomon, which wanted to capitalise on the concept of blockchain-based games in a universe specific to fully immersive games, in order to offer an interactive, realistic and engaging play-to-earn experience. But that’s not all, the revoworld developed our team decided to democratize the universe by launching a mobile application on which VR users can communicate with mobile users.

What is a cross-platform?

Times are changing… and changing fast! There was a time when you had to be in the same room to play a game with friends. Nowadays, it’s often not even necessary to have the same console… or even the same game mode or medium.

“Cross-play, multi-platform games, multi-support or even cross-platform”; the terms are numerous, but they all mean the same thing. We are talking here about multiplayer games that allow players on different platforms, consoles, smartphones or PCs, to play together in the same game.

With Revomon, a user who is fully immersed in the game through the Oculus experience can interact verbally in real time with mobile players who are experiencing the game in 2D.

Revolutionary? We hope so! Because a growing community based on the desire to win while interacting with Revo-Users wherever they are, and whatever they are playing with would be a real satisfaction gain for Revo, but also a way to introduce less gaming & VR oriented people to the play-to-earn mode in the metaverse.

And you, what do you think?

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Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain, leader in its game category.

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