Revomon — Tiers system introduction

🌌Tiers system

Revomon are delighted to share a first overview of our $REVO tiers system!

💫Tiers levels

  1. Trainee — 1000 $REVO
  2. Tamer — 2500 $REVO
  3. Ranger — 5000 $REVO
  4. Veteran — 10000 $REVO
  5. Elite — 25000 $REVO
  6. Master— 100000 $REVO

✨Tiers rewards

  • DAO voting grants access to the governance system, 1st tier hodlers will be able to vote: 1 $REVO = 1 VOTE
  • Staking/Farming
    The staking/farming access and rewards will be based on your tier lvl.
    The highest tier you unlock the best access/rewards you will get.
  • Early game access to all our test versions to hunt bugs and Revomon
  • DAO requests
    - lvl 1: You can request specific design accessories
    - lvl 2: You can request specific avatar/character design
    - lvl 3: You can request specific revomon design
  • Airdrop slot priority, the tiers unlocking this reward will get priority weighting in the random selection of winners.
  • In game booster, consumable items that grant you a temporary boost as long as you keep your tier title.
  • Monthly NFT airdrop, we will airdrop 1 specific NFT each month to all holders of the appropriate tier.
  • Booster packs, each first booster pack will be available for priority buy for the Master tier. We will also airdrop some booster packs exclusively on this tier.
  • VIP channel, a unique channel where Master hodlers can be in touch directly with the core team, asking specific questions, request feasibility assessment of ideas/proposals and being up to date on the development game before others with exclusive early content and details.

Alpha Leak: 💎Diamond Hands NFT

The team is currently working on an exclusive one off NFT that will give a COLLECTOR boost to tier levels. This NFT will be claimable by all true $REVO hodlers.. More information will be circulated next week on this exclusive one off NFT!

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