Revomon — Tiers system introduction

🌌Tiers system

Revomon are delighted to share a first overview of our $REVO tiers system!

The purpose of the tiers system is to reward our supporters with a wide range of benefits and provide additional utility to the $REVO token to incentivise hodling.

There are six tiers with each higher tier unlocking defined incentives, from simple rewards to exclusive ones.

Globally, $REVO tiers will give access to exclusive Revomon content, previews and events. It will also grant eligibility to exclusive NFT air drops and priority access to NFT cards or boosters in the future..

At the highest levels, tier holders will be allowed design input into Revomon character and equipment development.

Important note: The tier system is under continuous development to best reward the community and therefore may be subject to change.

💫Tiers levels

  1. Trainee — 1000 $REVO
  2. Tamer — 2500 $REVO
  3. Ranger — 5000 $REVO
  4. Veteran — 10000 $REVO
  5. Elite — 25000 $REVO
  6. Master— 100000 $REVO

✨Tiers rewards

  • DAO voting grants access to the governance system, 1st tier hodlers will be able to vote: 1 $REVO = 1 VOTE
  • Staking/Farming
    The staking/farming access and rewards will be based on your tier lvl.
    The highest tier you unlock the best access/rewards you will get.
  • Early game access to all our test versions to hunt bugs and Revomon
  • DAO requests
    - lvl 1: You can request specific design accessories
    - lvl 2: You can request specific avatar/character design
    - lvl 3: You can request specific revomon design

Note: All requests will follow the governance system, meaning that they will go under voting process. The Revomon team reserves the right to suspend a request if it is deemed inappropriate.

  • NFT buy priority, all new batch of NFTs released will be first available to the priority tiers.
  • Airdrop slot priority, the tiers unlocking this reward will get priority weighting in the random selection of winners.
  • In game booster, consumable items that grant you a temporary boost as long as you keep your tier title.
  • Monthly NFT airdrop, we will airdrop 1 specific NFT each month to all holders of the appropriate tier.
  • Booster packs, each first booster pack will be available for priority buy for the Master tier. We will also airdrop some booster packs exclusively on this tier.
  • VIP channel, a unique channel where Master hodlers can be in touch directly with the core team, asking specific questions, request feasibility assessment of ideas/proposals and being up to date on the development game before others with exclusive early content and details.

Participants in our staking / yield farming initiative (scheduled to commence in May) will not have their tier level impacted as Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens will also be considered.

The tiers system will come at the same time as the staking/farming by the end of May.

Alpha Leak: 💎Diamond Hands NFT

The team is currently working on an exclusive one off NFT that will give a COLLECTOR boost to tier levels. This NFT will be claimable by all true $REVO hodlers.. More information will be circulated next week on this exclusive one off NFT!

Ready to level up and obtain exclusive content ? Unlock your tier !🔑🔓

Revomon is a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain.

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Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance

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