Revomon —5th Sept. Major Update!

The Revomon team have been pretty busy during August preparing for the final quarter of the year. Indeed, starting from September prepare yourself to be bombarded with frequent news and partnerships! We even started right early September sharing two pieces of major news:

  • A listing on a top 10 CEX:
  • A key update in the Revomon project on September 5th!

Let’s focus right away on the key update👇

🌌Revomon enters a new era

The update will revolve around three key topics

  1. Revomon Alpha game version 1.2 release on SideQuest
  2. NFT Protocol setup in TESTNET
  3. overhaul

📋Revomon Alpha game version 1.2 — CHANGELOG

▶️Game file size optimisation

The development team managed to optimise the game by compressing many assets in order to reduce the game file size from ~1gb to 270MB. This improvement will allow us to increase the UX and in game experience.

▶️Fixed an issue on PCVR where building interiors would not render correctly

▶️A new route: Route 2

More NPC battles with new Revomon teams halt your progression to the next town!

Route 2

▶️A new town: Kadrick Town

Kadrick Town

▶️Adding 20 new revomon

20 new revomon

Falcolt |type: sky-neutral

Pincub, Camprikine |type: neutral

Swiftling, Veloswift |type: sky-neutral

Smogshroom |type: toxic

Echomaus, Radarent |type: electric

Comboworm |type: earth

Lycub, Champlion |type: battle

Sumbear, Griezlief, Wintursa |type: forest

Coalbra, Volcanolisk |type: fire

Pupple, Shydro, Tidju |type: water

⚡️Raival |type: sky-electric (legendary)

▶️NFT protocol setup and in-game integration on a testnet

▶️New player character models: Female, Male but highly customisable

Each player will be able to customize their hero in the menu. Changing all body part of its character from head to feet. In addition to the customizable body parts, heros will be able to wear accessories dropped as in game loot or purchased on the marketplace (once the NFTs protocol is fully deployed on the mainnet).

Hello world.
Customisable body parts (see right part of the menu)

▶️Wearables integration (see right part of the image)

Players are now able to customize their hero with the three first collector wearables created (more will come later). These wearables were given away from the Mystery Card event organized during our IDO (read more here:

The diamond hands, the early supporter cap & the bull hat.
💎🙌The diamond hands will be airdropped to the 2800 eligible members (
🎩🐮 The early supporter cap & the bull hat will be airdropped to the 290 eligible members (

NB: A date will be communicated once the NFT protocol is fully tested. Please understand that once we migrate on the mainnet all NFTs minted cannot be deleted anymore. We need to test this element carefully

▶️We have listened to our community members and have introduced the following features as a result of their feedback: You can now mute specific player

▶️New feature: You can now use the grip button to pull the slingshot

▶️New feature: You can now select between smooth turning or snap turning in settings

📩Game 1.2 update is available on SideQuest:

👾NFT Protocol setup — TESTNET

As mentioned, the protocol will be in testnet at launch. It means that all NFTs you will collect won’t have its fully utility (you won’t be able to sell it).

First of all, in order to test the feature correctly, you need to configure your Metamask to connect to the Binance Test Network.

Add the following information in the fields;

Network Name: BSC TESTNET


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Once you are ready with this, read these steps to understand the requirements/events to be able to test the NFT protocol:

  1. Basically, to mint a NFT, players have to own an in-game revomon (you cannot mint a revomon NFT if you don’t have at least one revomon in game). In other words, only trainers who have in game revomon will be able to convert them into NFTs.
  2. Connect your profile on the Dapp (not only the wallet), you need to associate your profile with your wallet address (top right corner, click on your profile and add an wallet in your setting if you have not done this step during the sign in process).
  3. Visit this page and it will show all the revomon you own in game:
  4. Click on the Mint button and approve the transaction.
  5. You will receive your revomon converted into an NFT directly in the wallet connected on the Dapp.


You are on a test network so you need test bnb tokens and test revo tokens to approve the transactions.

Get some test bnb tokens:
Get some test revo tokens: hit the top right menu (profile icon) and click Get $REVO. Users will get 100 test $REVO (1 mint= 1 $REVO)

Find here some screenshots for those who do not own any revomon in game:

User owns 5 revomon in game, 1 is converted in NFT.
NFT detail with all properties

NFT Protocol infrastructure (updated) available in the whitepaper:

🌈DAPP Refactored

A fresh new design has been worked out by Pierre who joined the team in mid July as front end developer.
Better UX & additional features have been added such as:

  • Login/password
  • Password recovery
  • New Menu
  • Sidebar for a better navigation on the Dapp
  • User profile feature to prepare the next step (tiers system integration..)
  • Light/dark mode

Overview of the new Dapp version:

⚠️NOTE: As the v2 is linked to the BSC TESTNET, to connect to the DAPP through the “connect wallet” button, you need to be on the BSC TESTNET.
⚠️NOTE2: Staking & Farming pages are on the BSC MAINNET, so you need to switch network in Metamask to run correctly the Dapp.

Login page
Wallet connect (Metamask/WalletConnect) / Menu Overview
Overview / User profile
Account settings / FAQ

Revomon is a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain.

Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance