Revomon — 31st May 2.0 Game Update & much more…

🛠 New network architecture

Multi Server lobby

🔥 Balanced Burn To Earn feature (v4)

  • Fair system: The burn to earn feature rewards distribution is fairly distributed among players. That does not mean everyone should be able to benefit from it but the majority can use it and there should be consideration of people’s existing investment in the project. It is also critical that it is not vulnerable to abuse (i.e. through a single individual transferring between multiple wallets to bypass limits).
  • Balanced system: The feature is balanced, taking into account the initial investment and providing a good ROI allowing to accumulate tokens for the supporters/believers and granting a complementary revenue for the casual players. Mandatory to consider the Burn To Earn as ONE feature among others in a global ecosystem we are building together (quests, achievements, breeding, lands…).
  • Temporary system: The current total reward pool is linked to the maturity of the project. Today, Revomon is distributing ALL the benefits from the company made through the stores (booster packs, eggomon, R3V-UP …) to the players.
  • Strengthening the demand creation around the token utility. (purchase $REVO)
  • Favouring investors by granting them access to a larger percentage of the rewards.
  • Better integration of the feature within the global ecosystem under construction, i.e. belonging to a tier opens the doors to more features.
  • Avoid bypassing the burn weekly limit.
  • Variable floor prices for all rarities / market (demand-supply) plays its full role.
  • Secondary market demand growth (beneficial for the incoming Revo Marketplace) and could even be used as an indirect scholarship system.
  • To access the feature you need to belong to a tier (1,000 $REVO min)
  • You need to lock your tier for 30 days.
  • You need a R3V-UP (would stay fixed to $50 pegged in $REVO)
All amount are in $REVO // Depending on the tier, the user would unlock a different reward, access to the burn rarity, burn multiple times

📋Revomon Beta game version 2.0 — CHANGELOG

Yikuti Town
14 new Revomon including 2 new legendaries

🎴 Cosmetic Booster Packs — Cosmetic sets !

  • Cosmetic booster packs will be sold on
  • Unlimited quantities
  • In a pack, 3 maximum items can be looted following these odds; 1st pull is 100% guaranteed cosmetic item from the booster pack presentation, then 30% chance to get a 2nd pull and finally 30% chance for a 3rd one.
    In a pack, user can get revomon as well as 2nd or 3rd pull.
  • In total 7 different cosmetic sets will be obtainable from the packs with more to come.
  • 31st May (evening UTC time) // Game update (new build 2.0)
  • 2nd June // Cosmetic Booster Pack
  • 4th June // Double airdrop NFT
  • 6th June // Eggomon + Booster packs
  • 10th June // Update on the Burn To Earn system



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Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance