Revomon — 31st March 1.8 Update!

7 min readMar 31, 2022

The first quarter ended and the Revomon team are still progressing on all fronts to make 2022 the best year yet!

Here is a quick sum-up on the different key topics;

▶️ Most Valuable Builder (MVB) Binance program; We’ve had several mentorship sessions with key speakers to highlight the important metrics to focus on and maximize the chance of becoming one of the 3 top players and finally a monthly star. These sessions are highly valuable as they are very informative and let us, as a team, prioritise and focus on the right milestones.

▶️Partnerships; We are currently working on several partnerships that could lead to great visibility, strengthening our position as leader in the collectible monster game within the virtual reality industry. Networking is key and this is also why Florian & Jordan decided to travel to Dubai to attend several summits, mainly the Binance Blockchain Week (28th-30st) & the Polygon Summit (31st). In the partnership section we would like to assure you that we continue to have ongoing discussions with two top 5 CEX. To be transparent with you, discussion is slow. Slow but progressing. We already filed several forms and are awaiting feedback. Sooner or later, it will happen for the good of the project (liquidity) and the community (strong demand).

▶️Preparing the next milestones; March was also a month of preparation where we highly focus on the biggest upcoming milestones of the roadmap:

  • Revo Marketplace; preparing a safe place to trade your NFTs and improving the use of $REVO while granting benefit to tiers holders.
  • Mobile game launch; Simply the mobile game version on Android, on the same server as the VR users. Simple but HUGE. A gateway to mass adoption.
  • Lands; What you should understand through this key word is a new era of Revomon. Lands mean a new map for the game enabling the open-world possibilities. It also means parcels to buy and ownership property. We will have a full article on this on due time. The team are currently working on the map design.

📋Revomon Beta game version 1.8 — CHANGELOG

This new game version is mainly focused on game optimisation.

▶️ New Revomon // NineChronicles Partnership.

See the trailer 🎬 #MetaMonster

Introducing Ninesee, Bloomsee & Gardsee 🌿

NineChronicles X Revomon

🔵Common Revomon
Ninesee |type: forest |scarcity: common
Bloomsee|type: forest |scarcity: common
Gardsee|type: forest |scarcity: common

On the NineChronicles side, the hero will be able to collect wearables:

Example of wearables: Skwitzen & Loftevo

▶️Winter Island is closed ! You cannot go to this island anymore.
Frostoast, Cupidove, Odonymph & Teddream were the exclusive revomon for the winter event. There are not catchable anymore, however you can still get it through the Eggomons. We hope you enjoyed and non-fungified each of them !

▶️The spawning feature of the shining revomon works now like the legendary one.
The spawner currently works as following: each time a revomon is defeated on the map, an algorithm will randomly select a new revomon to spawn based on it’s rarity. The issue is when you have two players grinding on a map, the spawner will generate two times more frequently, meaning the odds to make a legendary appear are essentially twice what it should be.

To solve this issue, the spawning algorithm has been amended as we did with the legendary one;

Legendary Spawn rate Formula;
(1/1000 x Pm) = % of odds to make a legendary spawning

Pm= Number of players present on the map
1/1000= Odd to make spawn a legendary

Shiny Spawn rate Formula;
(1/8192 x Pm) = % of odds to make a shiny spawning

This new way of calculation allows to keep the 1/8192 odds for shinies thanks to “Pm” variable increasing by the number of players active on a map.

▶️Lag optimisation; Two topics have been fixed about the lag issue.
1. Withtout entering the detail, one of the issue was about the Server RubberBanding. We have improved this part but this is still under TEST. We need to collect info from users in order to improve it more if needed.

2. Introducing instances: starting from the 1.8, as soon as there are more than 20 players on a map, the 21st will join a new instance (= same map duplicated). Note that if you are friend with a player, you can join his instance through your friend menu.

▶️The following moves; Roar/Whirlwind/Circle Throw/Dragon Tail when launched by a wild revomon are now fixed.

▶️The following move; Draco Meteor, reduce SPATK instead of SPDEF.

▶️Shadow tag & Multiscale abilities are now working.

▶️Using items from your bag is now working.

▶️The softlock after a wild revomon died from confusion is now fixed.

▶️AFK kick after 5 minutes of inactivity.

▶️Berries consumption during battle is now fixed.

▶️Sucker Punch & Encore moves are now correctly working.

▶️We have fixed the stat loss immunity abilities (keen eye, big peck, etc..).

▶️All the moves based on entry hazards (Stealth rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Sticky web) are now optimised to work better while switching Revomon during a battle.

▶️We have optimised the move accuracy calculation.

▶️PP correctly reset after learning a move from the Move Tutor NPC.

▶️Fixing the orbs going through revomon if a player is going far away from the battle.

▶️You can now disable the touch controls interaction. Available in the settings.

▶️AI (Artificial Intelligence) improvement.

▶️Spectators can watch the logs during a PVP battle.

To install the new revomon 1.8 update, uninstall and reinstall the game through SideQuest:
(update available on the 31st of March 2022.)


Entering the Metaverseption, you wear your headset and so does your tamer, what is he playing ? Probably the Revomon 3.4 game version in the future…

🎁 Available for the Veteran, Elite & Master tiers.
Airdrop will be done during the 1st week of April.
📸Snapshot always during the 25th-5th of each month. Hint: last day is today to get your tier.

Veteran, Elite & Master tiers monthly airdrop

🛠 Miscellaneous (tech side)

⚙️New Staking Pool. The “Permanent Staking Pool” is an unlimited one offering 15% APR and available starting for those of at least Tier 1.
✅No lock time, no penalties to join or leave the pool.

Note that all operations are on BNBChain, you have to connect to the Binance network to proceed actions on the Revomon Dapp.

Note² that new staking pools will also be introduced with higher APR for a limited period of time. Stay tuned.

⚙️Farming section migrated. Minor update for the Revo users but still good to highlight. The farming section has been migrated from the Revomon Dapp V1 to the V2. Now, it does not redirect you to the old Revomon page.

No new farming pools are planned at the moment until the liquidity mining program on is ended. You can still farm & earn in partnership with here 👉

⚙️Tier section updated.

Booster packs previously exclusive to Master tier are now available starting from VETERAN tier (or RANGER + diamond hands). Time to buy your pack and get your 100% chance of pulling a legendary revomon.

⚙️NFT Minting smartcontract has been updated strengthening the security aspect.

⚙️Privacy Policy page has been added:

⚙️Revo Marketplace is progressing well ! Some screenshots will come soon !

Last but not least, April is coming. What does it mean ? Lot of excitement !

Indeed, we will share more content about the mobile game release and the lands topic. April’s announcements are considered as game changer for Revomon ! Stay tuned & Clap this article 👏👏 Thanks for reading us.

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain, leader in its game category.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance