Revomon — 31st March 1.8 Update!
  • Revo Marketplace; preparing a safe place to trade your NFTs and improving the use of $REVO while granting benefit to tiers holders.
  • Mobile game launch; Simply the mobile game version on Android, on the same server as the VR users. Simple but HUGE. A gateway to mass adoption.
  • Lands; What you should understand through this key word is a new era of Revomon. Lands mean a new map for the game enabling the open-world possibilities. It also means parcels to buy and ownership property. We will have a full article on this on due time. The team are currently working on the map design.

📋Revomon Beta game version 1.8 — CHANGELOG

NineChronicles X Revomon
Example of wearables: Skwitzen & Loftevo


Veteran, Elite & Master tiers monthly airdrop

🛠 Miscellaneous (tech side)



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Revomon VR

Revomon VR


Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance