Revomon — 28th Feb. 1.7 Update!

6 min readFeb 28, 2022


Quick sum-up

The first game version update is coming at the end of February with stunning new content! Before sharing the details of the newest release, we would like to quickly summarise what has been achieved during the 2 first months of 2022 👀

1️⃣Press coverage: Aurita allowed Revomon to enter the big stage! (at least in Belgium), she worked hard and got a lot of contacts in the press to put some light on the Revomon metaverse! Here is the list of articles that have been published in these few weeks!

2️⃣Metrics: Several stats recorded show we are on the right path!
During January we recorded ATH in terms on Daily Unique Player (426) & Average game installs, clicks, views are in an average uptrend!

📈The trading volume of NFTs reached 900 $BNB on Refinable Marketplace
🕹>60,000 game installs on SideQuest
👥1,000 unique connected users on the Dapp recorded on the 3rd Feb.
👾 $REVO Hodlers ATH hit ~20,000 also in Feb.
✅ 55,000 followers on Twitter.

Talking about metrics, we could also mention the following:
🔥The Burn To Earn feature rewarded more than $120,000 in the 1st 20 days following its introduction.

👾From the 1st of Feb to the 21st of Feb, 444 shinies, 180 legendaries, 3744 rares & 150 commons have been burnt.

📍 The burning rewards have been reduced to strengthen the ecosystem sustainability:

NB: Rewards can be adjusted until we find the fair fit to balance inputs & outputs (inputs: Turnover generated thanks to $REVO collected & outputs: Rewards in $REVO sent to users).Sustainability is key in a P2E project and team reserves the right to adjust correctly the rewards based on the game synergies, data analytics & new upcoming P2E features (Quests/Achievements & BREEDING for Gen2).

3️⃣Binance’s incubation program called MVB (Most Valuable Builder) has selected Revomon as a top candidate to support.

We will benefit from the following services, directly with the Binance team:

  • Private Events
  • Mentorship
  • Support
  • Potential funds
  • Potential listing

Now the journey is starting with them and our next step is to show we have sustainable and growing activities on the bsc chain. It means:

  • Burning your nfts🔥
  • Minting⛏
  • Eggomon farming🥚

All actions that interact with Revomon smart contracts and we count on you, this is a mission to build all together!!

📋Revomon Alpha game version 1.7 — CHANGELOG

▶️1 New route

▶️1 New City

Sakura Burgh

▶️ New Revomon👾

🔵Common Revomon

Soleel |type: water-earth |scarcity: common

Doubeel |type: water-earth |scarcity: common

Triplydra |type: water-earth |scarcity: common

Caracell |type: bug |scarcity: common

Snattery |type: bug-electric |scarcity: common

Eschargot |type: bug-electric |scarcity: common

⚪️Rare Revomon

Fawneel |type: twilight-metal |scarcity: rare

Buckalloy |type: twilight-metal |scarcity: rare

Mirrate |type: time-metal |scarcity: rare

Miraflect |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: rare

Floatiloch |type: water |scarcity: rare |Exclusive Eggomon 🥚

Raftnesse |type: water |scarcity: rare |Exclusive Eggomon 🥚

▶️ The boat to reach Arktos Village has been moved to the 1st city, Drassius Town.

▶️Male/Female hero models updated, quality improvement.

▶️ Battle system refactoring: Up to 90% of the attacks are now fixed. The remaining ones will be subject to step by step fixing reported by the community. Please use, the bug section of discord to report.

▶️ Spawn block protection: anything thrown using your slingshot will now go through any non-wild Revomon.

▶️ Now, new wild Revomon spawns instantly after a wild battle started. You do not need to wait anymore for a battle to end.

▶️🔓Locking system reviewed: spawn lock will be enabled only if a Revomon belongs to the following rarirites: shiny, rare or legendary.

▶️🔓Wild Revomon spawn lock is now set to 25 seconds for all maps.

▶️👥New friend request system added:

  • The list of your current friends is deleted. Everyone can start properly with new friends.
  • You can remove a friend from your list at any time, this will remove all ties to that player. This player will no longer be able to teleport to you, and will no longer see you in her friends list either.
    We believe that friendship is a two-way contract 👀

▶️ NPC battle cooldown is now set to 7 days (was 1 day).

▶️ (TESTING) Character size fix: This patch sets all players to the same size.
The VR character size is adjusted to always be in a standing position in game, even if you play sitting or lying down. Don’t hesitate to use the ‘recenter’ button from your controller to adjust the height if needed.

▶️ AppLab submission under review by the Oculus team. Discussion ongoing on the Oculus Dev discord.


  1. Monthly airdrop (1st of March 2022) for eligible top tiers holders takes place tomorrow;
    All Veteran owning the Diamond Hands NFT, the Elite & Master tiers will get a Tropical Top Hat. You do not belong to these tiers? It’s time to get your $REVO bag !
  2. Compensation airdrop (3rd of March 2022); Due to the recent issue adding Revomon that should have been unavailable (Reingifir & Spectreat) to the Eggomon pool, we are compensating all CURRENT owners of the original Reingifir & Spectreat (Shiny included) with Collector outfits dedicated to their collector monsters:
  • Reingifir’s gift
  • Shiny Reingifir’s gift
Overview of Shiny & Common Reingifir’s gifts
  • Spectreat’s gift
  • Shiny Spectreat’s gift

To install the new revomon 1.7 update, uninstall and reinstall the game throught SideQuest:
(update available on the 28th of Feb 2022.)

🛠 Miscellaneous (tech side)

👥 We welcome 2 part time developers in the Revomon team; Antoine & Fabrice. Both will work on the Dapp (back and front end) to speed up the achievement of certain milestones in the roadmap ✅

⚙️Instability of the minting feature fixed.

⚙️Tx dropped for unknown reason on Binance Smart Chain, we developped a script to check through firebase and send again directly the dropped tx (automated).

⚙️The project is being audited but we haven’t communicated on it yet because we want the audit to be perfect and there is a contract relating to NFT minting that we need to optimise. We should be able to share it during the second week of March.

⚙️March will be mainly dedicated on the Marketplace & Staking pool (constant pool).

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain, leader in its game category.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance