Revomon — 23rd Dec. 1.6 Update!

We are close to Christmas and new year festivities. The least we can say is this year has been extremely dynamic with many updates, experiences and meetings. We will have time for a dedicated 2021 summary article that will be published later on! The year is still not finished and we have news & updates for you, the lovely Revomon community !

As usual, we are going to describe what’s new for this Revomon version 1.6 update dedicated to the winter theme ❄️☃️


  • Limited NFT edition 🦌 ️
  • Monthly airdrop ☃️
  • Winter event ❄️(3 months duration)
  • Booster packs

🦌Limited NFT edition — Reingifir — on auction

(left) Reingifir common | Reingifir shiny (right)

We are pleased to welcome Reingifir as a collector & limited edition to celebrate the 1st winter event (generation 1) of Revomon.

Reingifir|type: forest-sky |scarcity: collector (common/shiny limited edition)
Total supply: 50 | 45 “common” | 5 “shiny”

🌟5x limited shiny Reingifir at 1 BNB starting price on auction🌟

  • 45x limited normal Reingifir at 0.1 BNB starting price on auction

Auctions take place on Refinable, we will list the Reingifir under a 24h auction starting from 23rd at 2pm UTC.

Revomon collection:

NB: It’s not possible to get a Reingifir in Eggomon/Booster packs.

📋Winter event — Changelog

▶️11 new revomon + 1 wearable.

Odonymph |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: common

Drakefly |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: common

Meganeudra |type: bug-draconic |scarcity: common

Wyverdant |type: forest-sky |scarcity: rare

Teddream |type: time-phantom |scarcity: rare

Bearmare |type: time-phantom |scarcity: rare

Nightmort |type: time-phantom |scarcity: rare

Cupidove |type: neutral-sky |scarcity: common

Dovamour |type: neutral-sky |scarcity: common

Romanfrig|type: neutral-sky |scarcity: common

✨Reingifir |type: forest-sky |scarcity: common, 50 limited edition

☃️WINTER WONDERLENS |type: wearable |scarcity: collector item for veteran (owning diamond hands), elite & master tiers.


Monthly airdrop

▶️1 new city.

Arktos Village

Arktos Village is a temporary open village accessible to players taking the boat at Cinvia Harbor.

Duration 23rd Dec 2021 — 23rd March 2022 (3 months).
Exclusive Revomon will spawn there and won’t be catchable during the rest of the year (except throught Eggomon & Booster packs).

Note that Froastoast is now catchable in this village.

Average revomon level: 10–15

▶️1 new “route”.

Inside the ship going to Arktos Village

Players can take the boat at Cinvia Harbor to travel to Arkos Village.

Players will have to face several challenges from the NPCs present in order to have a safe journey.

▶️Battle mode system refactored. It has been optimised and rethink to welcome upcoming features such as 2vs2 battle mode.

▶️Revomon spawn system optimised. No modification on odds.

To install the new revomon 1.6 update, uninstall and reinstall the game throught SideQuest:
(update available on the 23rd of Dec 2020.)

🌈DAPP — Booster pack feature — Optimisation

▶️Overall, a notification system will be accessible starting the 23rd of Dec. This system will help the users managing the events processed between the blockchain and the result expected by the users.

▶️Eggomon animation; Hatching event will now be linked to a nice animation of an egg being hatched.

▶️Revo Store; prices are updating each 6 hours.

▶️Booster packs;

Will be available on the 23rd Dec here:
rocess will take place in two times:

  1. Dapp will be under maintenance, then pushed live with the new update.
  2. 1 hour later the Dapp is live, the booster back will be purchable for all master tier holders.

Booster pack information:

  • The booster pack is itself a NFT. It means you can either open or sell it.
  • Limited monthly supply set to 9.
    (only 9 packs available to purchase per month)
  • Rewards: 4 NFTs including 1 legendary. The other 3 NFTs are distributed randomly based on the common eggomon algorithm (conditions met);
    75% Common, 23% rare, 2% legendary, 0,012% shiny.
  • Additional reward: 1–100 $REVO tokens randomly defined.
Booster packs specs

Are you ready to enjoy this new Revomon update? 😁

Revomon game: (VR only)

Revomon Dapp: (Binance Smart Chain only)

Revomon marketplace:

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance

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Revomon VR

Revomon VR

Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance

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