Revomon — 2021 Throwback

13 min readJan 1, 2022


Here we go, 2022, it’s today, it’s now. An incredible year is behind us, letting place to an even more insane one. However, Let’s take some time to go back to the main events that forged Revomon during 2021.

In this article, we highlight the main events we have experienced together for the 1st year of Revomon.


On the 2nd of April 2021, the presale ended in less than 2 minutes, raising a total of $330,000. On the 12th of April, the public sale ended in less than 2 hours, raising a total of $1,260,000.
Two VCs have been onboarded; BSCPAD (now BlueZilla) & LVT Capital. An additional $220,000 has been raised through them in private seed.

💫This is the beginning of the Revomon story💫

A little feedback from the team on the fundraising…

With a total of $1m8 (NB: $440k from the fundraise have been allocated to PancakeSwap & Uniswap liquidity), we validated the Revomon project aiming to complete a roadmap that has (already) been updated 4 times!

This $1m8 from the fundraising may seem like a generous amount, but it is not when it concerns a real Virtual Reality game project on blockchain technology. Indeed, the production chain is long and sensitive. Developing a game is not easy with all the costs; Game Development, Dapp interface, the blockchain protocols, the design, the music, the architecture of the game, the story line but also all actions to manage around the community animation; community managers, moderators (in game and out of game). You understand that the number of actors is substantial. Indeed, to produce a quality game, you need to surround yourself with the necessary trades to ensure the success of the project.

Moreover, let’s be clear, Revomon is a Collectible Monster Metaverse in Virtual Reality and soon on mobile. Let’s not compare apples and pears, many current “play to earn games”🤪 are just like a very banal Android application that could have been found in 2009 where you only had to tap your screen to “play”…

No,here in the Revomon Metaverse, you can easily understand the size and potential of this game thanks the following features we already integrated;

🗣Voice chat
🏰Clan system
👥Friend list
💱In-game trading
📥In-game chat

& more…


BlueZilla is a key partner as we benefit from their large ecosystem (visibility, investors) a close relation that creates a win-win situation for both communities thanks to several airdrops or giveaways to celebrate X or Y events as we did for example with the BlueZilla NFT for GameZone.

LVT Capital has been more helpful on the contacts and press releases aspects post Revomon IDO. Although we still have contact with them for advisory purposes, their involvment is less than the early days. Pino Tedesco plays a mentorship role and surround himself to many key actors in the investment industry.

SideQuest: Sidequest is a VR library operating on the Oculus Quest ecosystem and is one of our key partners. In short, it allows VR developers to offer their apps on Oculus Quest without Facebook (now Meta)’s approval/process. It means avoiding their policy against the NFTs that are competing their own business model. This is why we have close contacts with Shane & Orla (CEO & COO of SideQuest).

Although SideQuest is independent, they have synergies with Oculus developers to support AppLab (a new library from Oculus with less restrictions). SideQuest will support Revomon procedures to get listed on AppLab. Note, this is not SideQuest deciding, it’s again up to the Oculus policy to decide BUT, we truly believe having a better impact reaching them with the SideQuest’s team support than alone. A top 10 centralised exchange. As per their brand, we consider gate as the first gateway to enter new top 10 CEX listing. This listing on is a mark of confidence with investors as the process is very rigorous and requires a good number of company documents to prove Revomon legitimacy. We have close contact with Gate Team and potential opportunities with Gate Labs (investment fund). We aim to get listed on KuCoin & Binance during 2022
NB: They choose who to list, it is no longer enough to “just pay”.

Refinable: First NFT marketplace we selected to trade official Revomon NFTs. When we partnered with Refinable, they were the #2 NFT marketplace in terms of volume on Binance Smart Chain. A great exposure to kickstart this important milestone. Revomon has been trending on their marketplace since the listing. We plan to create our own marketplace however, Refinable will stay a key partner to promote exclusive NFTs and contests to our gaming community.

Blockchain Game Alliance: We do not mention it a lot but Revomon is part of the BGA created by Sebastien Borget, CEO of TheSandBox. Jordan has been invited two times to discuss sevral topics. Another mean to show we are involved with several other projects to share ideas and support the gaming industry. BGA is also a good ecosystem to find relevant partnerships and events around the world. The Revomon team met Roman & Maxime (both CEO and Co-Funders of Mechachain) during World Blockchain Summit at Dubai. Our conversation lead to a partnership with Mechachain , the first P2E project we decided to support with the aim of establishing a win-win relationship: advisory-visibility. We provide contacts, recommendations and knowledge and we receive contacts, marketing strategy from marketing experts because Mechachain team are really expert in this field.

This is the first project, Revomon is advisor on. This means that Revomon is also expanding its activities and network in the gaming world.

Mechachain has already raised $5m through a private sale. We are now helping them to prepare their public sale planned in February 2022.

Let’s rock this event and you can expect great synergies for our both communities!

Further Partnerships: during 2021, we had many contacts with other VCs, projects & entities. We will disclose them current 2022 as soon as we have decent progression in the deal with them.

Revomon & DMCC: Revomon have officially established their lead formal entity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is Revomon DMCC and is part of the DMCC Crypto Centre initiative supporting emerging blockchain technology companies.

This decision was taken after extensive review of options within Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere but the team eventually concluded that Dubai was the perfect home from which to grow the Revomon brand.

More details:

Tier System

We have successfully launched the Revomon tiers system offering bonuses to our most loyal members. We do not plan to change the amount to access the tiers. It’s a way to thank all the early supporters for having taken the risks to support Revomon during the early days. You can access to the interactive tiers system on the Revomon Dapp: it highlighs the tier you belong to (you need to have linked your wallet)

Tiers system

Staking & Farming

As introduced in the tokenomics section of the Whitepaper: 35,2% of the total $REVO supply is allocated for the Staking & Farming. This is a big amount and we need to take care of how we distribute it through years (aka vesting schedule).

  • Up to date, $REVO allocation used in staking & farming:
    3,800,000 (in 8 months)
  • Remaining: 31,400,000 $REVO
  • Current $REVO locked in staking pools: ~5,000,000

We know we created some frustration whenever we launched a new staking pool as it required being quick to enter the pool due to the limited allocation reward. However, we need to highlight it’s a mean to monitor the supply correctly when APRs are quite high. This is what we have done for 2021.

Now, we need to balance the demand/supply. To do so, we think about a continuous staking pool open to public with a low APR (~5%).
This solution could answer the many requests we get regarding staking. Alternatives are to partner with other projects. Launching a new liquidity mining pool on could also be a good alternative but temporal.

Game updates & gameplay

During 8 months, Revomon hasbeen updated 6 times from 1.0 closed Alpha to 1.6 free access Beta version.

Lot of content have been added. Lot of optimisations have been done.

6 cities:

  • Marquis Island
  • Drassius City
  • Kadrick Town
  • Ramboo Metropolis
  • Cinvia Harbor
  • Arktos Village
Marquis Island
Drassius City
Kadrick Town
Ramboo Metropolis
Cinvia Harbor
Arktos Village

4 routes:

Route 1
Route 2
Route 3
Route 4


  • Ship (Winter Edition)
  • Spawning house
  • Shop
  • PVP arena
Ship, Spawning house, Revo Centre
PVP arena, NPC Battle map

A total of 104 revomon available (including evolutions).

Including 4 beautiful legendaries (Dexuno is not integrated yet, it will come on due time with a partnership🤖):

What can you expect regarding the game during 2022 ?

  • Development of an in-game story based on quests.
  • 2VS2 Battle.
  • More features around Clans.
  • Lands.
  • In game entities (Laboratory, Safari, Special Centre) with dedicated activities/utility.
  • Mobile Game development.
  • Optimisation.
  • AppLab Listing & other main stores (Oculus, SteamVR…) depending on their policies regarding NFTs/Play2Earn games.

Dubai Summit

World Blockchain Summit

From 12 to 21 October the Revomon team participated in two summits at Dubai. An experience that was very enriching on various subjects.
Indeed, these events allowed us to increase our contact database and to build relationships with high added value for the development of a crypto gaming start-up.

The first summit was the World Blockchain Summit organised by Trescon. We sponsorised the event as Silver Sponsor allowing the Revomon CEO, Jordan IETRI, to have his first public speech in front of potential many investors.

Outside the investment aspect, it’s also a way to show the team is trustable and dedicated to offer the best possible product to the Revomon community with the main goal of strengthening a leader position in the “Collectible Monster Metaverse (in VR)” category.

From left to right; Pierre Maclot, Jordan Ietri, Florian Poitoux, Maxime Reynders & Mathew Leslie

We were the only booth to get a queue to test the game with many positive feedback.

Future Blockchain Summit (GITEX)

Starting from the 17 until the 21st of Oct. we participated in a second summit organised by GITEX & FINTECH. This summit was literally huge, many companies from all tech aspects. There was an area dedicated for the blockchain start-ups.

During this event, we gave all our business cards and had many contacts. We have conducted interviews, more or less known, Jordan was mentioned by and it was during this event we had the chance to meet CZ, Binance founder & CEO !

But also, a lot of people who presented themselves from various services; advisors, tech contacts, marketing, protocols, listing proposals and gaming projects. Some great news should come on due time, as you may know, agreements, partnerships with classic institutions are still taking lot of time but do not worry we work hard on the topic and we won’t lose any opportunities to make Revomon grow !

Metaverse hype

Facebook rebrands into Meta, Microsoft, DisneyLand, Baidu, Nike, Addidas, all these famous brands announcing their metaverse…

How could we not mentioned it ? Since the start and despite many community members pushed us to reorient to a mobile game development we insisted mentioning Metaverse & Virtual Reality would be the next big hype. This is why we were really convinced we had to focus on the VR development before any other game version portability to ensure our leader position in the collectible monster metaverse category.

However we could have been wrong, so the question you could ask us;
What really convinced you?

Well, the answer is to be a VR enthusiast. When we started working on VR project (previously Pokémon VR and even before, a zombie shooter), we were simply amazed ourselves as players and believers that VR would give a true experience and not only a “product/service”. We were amazed by our parents playing the demo game version, watching our cousins performing movements in a void and having fun. It’s also with the metrics. We got used to analyse metrics showing the Virtual Reality market doubling in terms of device sales, VR users as the Crypto market did during years. All these comforted us in our decisions to provide a VR game based on blockchain.

We are preparing the future

Today Revomon as a sole game on SideQuest (and soon on official stores). However with all the upcoming metaverse projects we think we have to see things differently; Imagine a world where players could launch a game in a game. Imagine players connecting to Meta and starting catching revomon into other metaverses like gateways between virtual worlds. We believe this is what waiting us. Players would not have to launch Revomon anymore to start playing it, they would be like in a playground and choose what to play in order to leave the metaverse they are in.

This is why we started to partner with the best metaverse projects available.

Revomon <> TheSandBox (Check the parcel here)

Revomon <> Bloktopia (REBLOK/№155 in the area 7–10)

Revomon <> Somnium Space (WORLD S #NFT ID 97)

Our plan in 3 steps:

1️⃣Establishing Revomon HQ in Somnium Space VR (short term)

  • Integrate our animated 3D revomon character in the area.
  • Integrate side items, buildings from the revomon metaverse.

2️⃣Working with your team to integrate revomon mechanics gameplay (beyond +):

  • Catching revomon.
  • Interacting with a menu dedicated to manage the revomon caught.
  • PVP & ranking system.

3️⃣Working on a gateway to let users travel from our game to yours and vice-versa. (beyond ++)

Play To Earn Mechanics

We consider the start of the P2E system through the NFT protocol integration. Indeed, if you are a revomon player, you can start making profit by catching revomon, turning them into NFTs and sell them on Refinable Marketplace. With a total of 530 BNB trading volume, many players got a good ROI playing Revomon.

After having brainstormed during months on how to make a sustainable ecosystem between giving and collecting tokens, balancing efforts and rewards to generate a virtuous circle, we launched the following as a basis to complete further on:

R3V-UP (full details here); In brief, to start earning, you need first investing. Play To Earn becomes Pay (Invest) To Earn. Axie Infinity is the perfect model, you have forst to buy somes Axies before starting to earn. Revomon players have to invest in a R3V-UP in order to enable the NFT minting feature.

Several bonuses for R3V-UP holders will be introduced in 2022

Eggomon (full details here); Eggomon is a mix of staking and farming to collect rewards for non VR players waiting the mobile game version.

Booster pack; Feature available for master tier only giving 100% chance to get at least 1 legendary revomon.

What’s next for 2022 ? We have the following P2E features in mind:

  • Burning NFTs to collect $REVO rewards
  • In game achievements to collect $REVO rewards
  • Breeding based on R3V-UP & one or several Gen1 Revomon to get Gen2 ones.

This is what the Revomon team have accomplished in 8 months.

🌌Are you ready for 2022 ? Because we are🌌

Thank you to our community, without you we would not exist.💚

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance