Revomon — 2.1.0 Game Update

4 min readJul 10, 2022


A new game version of Revomon has been released on the 6th July 2022 with one main goal: Optimisation !

⭐️It’s time to update Revomon⭐️

▶️ VR users (SideQuest):
▶️ VR users (others):
▶️ Android users (smartphone):

The team members have been working for weeks to find a solution aiming to fix lags and random crashes. This has been a real struggle but with the help of the community, we managed to track the source of the conflict and this is all about game development code and ressources allocated.

Since the 2.1.0 release, the feedback from the community sounds good, way less crashes (close to 0 now, expect some particular cases) and a smooth playable experience are reported by community members. Still some bugs to correct here and there but all will be covered step by step.

No more crash also means the restart of the marketing machine. It goes without saying that over the last month and a half, we have lost 85% of our active players (from 800 DAU to ~120). Which is quite logical in the following context; who wants to play something that doesn’t work ?
No one, but it’s part of the development process for our small team.
We are not able to do large scale testing, that’s why we do almost live fixing based on the players’ reports.

If the situation stabilizes well, in the upcoming days, we aim to target the gaming industry to promote Revomon. Mainly in Virtual Reality (i.e Marketing banners on SideQuest, partnerships with other VR games…) and Youtube (with paid collaboration, reviews and product endorsement).

PVP Ranking system goes live on the 12th evening CET time.

More info will be published earlier that day.

Now, let’s go through some hot topics 👇

📋Revomon Beta game version 2.1.0 — CHANGELOG

This new game version is mainly focused on fixing lag & crashing issues.

▶️ Battle Reconnect feature: You can reconnect in a PVM and PVP battle (not against a NPC).

▶️ Fix: Player being kicked from the server if they were using only orbs for more than 5 minutes during a battle.

▶️ Fix move: Volt Switch; won’t switch if uneffective.

▶️ Fix move: Fling.

▶️ Fix move: Whirlwind; when target’s level is higher than attacker’s one.

Note; the below move fix has been applied during June

▶️ The following moves are now working correctly; Pursuit, Future Sight, Razor Wind, SolarBeam, Freeze Shock, Ice Burn, Sky Attack, Skull Bash, Fly, Dig, Dive, Bounce, Shadow Force, Phantome Force, Sky Drop, Geomancy, Metronome, Protect, Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, Baton Pass, Metal Burst.

🎴 Cosmetic Booster Packs — Costumes !

Costumes are coming in Revomon !🦸‍♂️🌈

Our designers worked on several costumes fitting the game content, prepare yourself to look like super heroes or your favourite monster !

Here are the new costumes that will be soon available on the Revomon Store:

Ready to take some selfies with your favourite costume & mon ? 🤳

✈️ Monthly Airdrop

The monthly airdrop takes place this 12th July 🎁

Eligible tiers; Elite & Master. Including Veteran tier if the user owns a diamond hands NFT 💎🙌

The Craggon skull is part of a 5 item set, the helmet is the rarest part of the set.

The full set grants a catching rate bonus to players wearing it (5%).

⚔️ Global PVP tournament event

Next week Revomon (between 11th-17th July, exact date to confirm) hosts a PVP event to animate the communities ! Nice prizes will be available.

More info soon.

Event managers; Sercan & Atila (beanhunter#8203 and Atila889#8016 on discord, feel free to contact them to get more info).

Revomon is a new metaverse where items and monsters are owned by its users. Community driven model. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain, leader in its game category.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance