Revomon — 2nd Dec. Major Update!

6 min readDec 1, 2021


We are now two months after the BETA release that included the first pillar of the #PlayToEarn ecosystem we are building: the NFTs process. We continue our journey with this new major update integrating two new key concepts:

  1. The R3V-UP
  2. The Eggomon (The start of Play To Earn on desktop)

These features have to be considered as the basis to feed a global & sustainable ecosystem in the long run.

NB: As we stated in the two previous articles (R3V-UP & Eggomon) a percentage will of the revenue generated through these play to earn features will be reinjected into Play to Earn allocations, including special opportunities for future R3V-UP holders.

Also, November has been the Metaverse month; the announcement of Facebook company rebranding into #Meta and their massive $10,000,000,000 investment in this industry has started the hype and the democratisation of the topic. Right after, it was Microsoft, Nike & Disney announcing their metaverse project.

Well, it’s not about ephemeral hype, here we are in front of huge companies committing in a new topic that will have to deliver something after their buzzing promises.

What about Revomon & Metaverse ?

The least we can say is that we stick to our roadmap. Compared to numerous competitors we fulfil the definition of being a “metaverse” in its collectible monster category;

Our vision & long term goal is to make Revomon a fully decentralised collectible monster metaverse available in different metaverses. Like multiverses theory, the concept would be accessible in parallel universes all linked into multivers(es).

That’s why we entered in #SandBox thanks to a community member called Liger allocating his 12x12 parcel to Revomon. A parcel on which we will integrate the Revomon assets as soon as we can. Same situation with our collaboration with #Bloktopia and the N°155 BLOK at floor 7th we purchased.

To be continued with a new well-known metaverse we plan to enter in early December..

📋Revomon Alpha game version 1.5 — CHANGELOG

▶️26 new revomon + 1 wearable.

NB: The bluezilla, froastoast, furnice, kangoo line & R3V-UP are not available to catch in the game.

Bluezilla is the contest event celabrating the partnership between Bluezilla (GameZone) & Revomon. Available in the eggomon.

Froastoast & Furnice will be accessible for the Christmas/End of year event.

Kangoo line only available in the eggomon.

R3V-UP is now mandatory to get access to the NFTs minting feature. If you do not own one, you cannot mint NFTs. Not available in the eggomon.
Full detail here to get one 👉 The R3V-UP

Hookanga |type: neutral-battle |scarcity: rare

Roojab |type: neutral-battle |scarcity: rare

Kangkross |type: neutral-battle |scarcity: rare

Wolpan |type: twilight-time |scarcity: rare

Panlow |type: twilight-time |scarcity: rare

Opawan |type: twilight-time |scarcity: rare

Locuna |type: bug |scarcity: common

Lunacoon |type: bug-time |scarcity: common

Moontis |type: bug-time |scarcity: common

Bouldorable|type: earth-stone |scarcity: common

Rockonid |type: earth-stone |scarcity: common

Pandozer |type: earth-stone |scarcity: common

Scorpyd |type: bug-stone |scarcity: rare

Tetrapion |type: bug-stone |scarcity: rare

Turtislet |type: water-forest |scarcity: common

Shellacay |type: water-forest |scarcity: common

Atolloise |type: water-forest |scarcity: common

Peafrost|type: battle-ice |scarcity: common

Kickundra|type: battle-ice |scarcity: common

Frostoast |type: ice-fire |scarcity: rare

Furnice |type: ice-fire |scarcity: rare

Bookwyrm |type: twilight-spirit |scarcity: rare

Leximinth |type: twilight-spirit |scarcity: rare

Bluezilla |type: neutral-draconic |scarcity: rare

R3V-UP |type: metal-electric |scarcity: rare (only buyable + boost user)

✨Polluvern |type: toxic-draconic |scarcity: legendary

R3V-IS0R |type: wearable |scarcity: collector item for veteran (owning diamond hands), elite & master tiers.

Collector wearable

▶️1 new city.

Cinvia harbor

▶️1 new route.

New NPCs will welcome you, the average revomon lvl they own is 40–45.
Some of the NPCs own revomon you cannot catch at the moment 😈

route 4

▶️New tutorial to welcome users in the revomon metaverse.

The goal is to improve the FTUE (First Time User Experience) a key moment in the gamer’s journey.

▶️Lag improvement; players should not face lag anymore, code has been optimised and a the server machine has been upgraded.

▶️Multiple bug fix based on the discord server’s ticket system.

▶️Capsule Store available in the last city: allow the trainer to buy more attacks for his revomon. Same system as the shop, take the bag & go shopping!

To install the new revomon 1.5 update, uninstall and reinstall the game throught SideQuest:
(update available today at 11pm UTC latest)

🛠 Miscellaneous (tech side)

▶️Smart contracts include now R3V-UP & Eggomon features on Binance Smart Chain.

▶️Minting feature V2 is part of this new release. The process has been optimised. Indeed, the previous process was not stable enough to handle such amount of transactions from users resulting in a loss in the data process requested by users (minting button). This was causing the issue of your NFTs not being minted and/or loss. The minting protocol V2 is now integrating a pipeline of requests assuring the correct processing one by one.

NB: Although this new protocol seems to fix the issue, we are limited by the tx/sec of Binance Smart Chain. During stress period (lot of users interacting with the NFT smart contract) we might see a queue being created in this pipeline.

▶️Minting feature fees has been reduced by 50% (from 10 to 5 $REVO)

▶️Smartcontracts Audit under processing with Solidity.Finance; we expect getting the results by mid-December.

▶️A new 6 month pool will be launched on the 5 December at 7pm UTC time. More info on the allocation & bonuses on due time. No more restrictions will be setup based on the tier system.


▶️A marketplace icon will be available in the menu with two main features introduced at the start of the article; the Eggomon & the R3V-UP.

▶️Eggomon integrates a minting, farming & opening process.

NB: The price in $REVO of each item in this marketplace will be updated at midnight CET time automatically to stay close to the announced prices.

NB2: Booster pack comes during Dec (master tier only).

RevoStore overview

▶️The connexion wallet has been improved. Connexion through Trust wallet should work on both Android & IOS.

🥚Ongoing planning (reminder)

▶️Until 3rd December, ongoing contest with Bluezilla-GameZone:

▶️4th December: 1000x eggomon airdrop to the contest winners + BlueZilla & GameZone winners (including revomon tiers).

▶️4th December: Airdrop of the R3V-IS0R to the revomon eligible tiers.

▶️5th December: New 6 month staking pool.

▶️2nd week of December: Revomon enters a new metaverse project.

▶️~2nd week of December: Booster packs for master tier only.




Join a new virtual game world where items and monsters are owned by its users. Revomon is a VR collectible game built on blockchain. #NFT #Ownership #Governance