Launching Revo Marketplace — Test Phase 🛠

3 min readOct 27, 2022


It’s almost there ! The $REVO Marketplace is about to open its doors. A key milestone for the Revomon ecosystem in growth, the marketplace will allow players & investors to trade their items in $REVO (and $BNB) strengthening the token utility within the on-chain activities (#BNBChain).

Before launching it in Mainnet, we ask the active users to join the testnet period in which the development team will be able to address the encountered bugs (if any). After collecting the community feedback, some adjustments or bug fix, we plan to roll it out to the public.

🛠 Testnet Marketplace — how to test it ?

To join the test version of the $REVO Marketplace, you will need to:

  1. Configure and connect your wallet to the BNBChain TESTNET
  2. Get some test $BNB and $REVO using the faucets
  3. Connect to the Test Revomon Dapp

Simple, right ? Let’s go 👇

1. Configure and connect your wallet to the BNBChain TESTNET
Example with the Metamask browser extension

In your wallet extension you have a dedicated option to add a new network; “Custom RPC”

Network Name: BNBChain TEST


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Once setup, connect to it.

2. Get some test $BNB and $REVO using the following faucets

$BNB faucet:

  • Insert your wallet address & claim 0.5 $BNB

$REVO faucet:
(Make sure you are well connected on the BNBChain testnet)

On the top right corner, in the profile menu, hit the “Get $REVO” button

  • You will receive 100 $REVO, written under your wallet address.
3. Connect to the Testnet Revomon Dapp


🐞 Bug report

Use the official Revomon discord server to report the bugs found:

A dedicated forum section in the “bug collecting” channel is available: “Markeplace Test version — bug report”, click on it and post your reports below following this simple template;
Bug Name:
Expected result:
Wallet or Tx:

We are waiting your feedback ! Thanks Revo Family 👾💫




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